So far I’ve been an enthusiastic user of ANTLR3, mostly for the MySQL Workbench product, where I based all the parsing infrastructure on the ANTLR3 C runtime. However, with the appearence of v4 a few years ago this ANTLR version got outdated and the support for it decreased constantly sinceContinue Reading

One of my current projects I work on in my sparetime is Pecunia, which is an OSX app to manage multiple online banking accounts, organize financial data and provide answers about your money (e.g. monthly income and where it is spent). Pecunia is open source on Github and also availableContinue Reading

One of the most common features in a code editor is without doubt code completion (aka auto completion). Every programmer has seen this before and an explanation is no longer necessary. Still it makes sense to recall what *exactly* code completion is supposed to do. It should provide the programmerContinue Reading

GraphicEx has not got much love in the past years but there are still quite a number of users who still have it in their code base. This however means GraphicEx must be updated to compile with the latest compilers/IDEs. Additionally, some bug fixes have been incorporated, plus some enhancements,Continue Reading