Updates for ANTLR4 Node.JS/Visual Studio Code tools now available

Recently Sam Harwell released the ANTLR4 Typescript runtime as a Node.JS module, which opens a great way to implement ANTLR support in Node.JS modules and Visual Studio Code extensions. I took the opportunity and rewrote my antlr-graps Node.JS module and my vscode-antlr4 extension. If you are working with Visual Studio Code and want ANTLR grammar support in it then go ahead and install the extension. While it's on a good way it still cannot compete with IDEs like antlrworks2 (also written by Sam Harwell).

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Soft Gems forum shutdown - done!


A while ago I announced in the Soft Gems Forum my decision to shut it down. I think it is time to move on. It's a constant security risk and there are better sources for answers on the Web (e.g. my top favorit