Update: ANTLR4 for Visual Studio Code

A few days ago I published a new release of the ANTLR4 extension for Visual Studio Code, which contains a number of fixes and new features. The light color theme is now complete as well and you get railroad diagrams for your grammar rules and even entire files. These can be saved to disk (as HTML with embedded svg), so that you can use them in other documents. Code lens support was added as well, which allows to (optionally) show rule reference counts. Hope you enjoy the new release.

Updates for ANTLR4 Node.JS/Visual Studio Code tools now available

Recently Sam Harwell released the ANTLR4 Typescript runtime as a Node.JS module, which opens a great way to implement ANTLR support in Node.JS modules and Visual Studio Code extensions. I took the opportunity and rewrote my antlr-graps Node.JS module and my vscode-antlr4 extension. If you are working with Visual Studio Code and want ANTLR grammar support in it then go ahead and install the extension. While it's on a good way it still cannot compete with IDEs like antlrworks2 (also written by Sam Harwell).

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Soft Gems forum shutdown - done!


A while ago I announced in the Soft Gems Forum my decision to shut it down. I think it is time to move on. It's a constant security risk and there are better sources for answers on the Web (e.g. my top favorit