Recently Sam Harwell released the ANTLR4 Typescript runtime as a Node.JS module, which opens a great way to implement ANTLR support in Node.JS modules and Visual Studio Code extensions. I took the opportunity and rewrote my antlr-graps Node.JS module and my vscode-antlr4 extension. If you are working with Visual Studio Code and want ANTLR grammar support in it then go ahead and install the extension. While it's on a good way it still cannot compete with IDEs like antlrworks2 (also written by Sam Harwell).

However, what you get already is:

  • Syntax highlighting with 2 own themes (Complete Dark and Complete Light). The name "Complete" refers to the support of all recommended theme elements, plus a few more espeicially made for ANTLR grammar files. Note: the light theme is not yet finished (I prefer the dark one myself, so there has been a lack of love for the light one recently).
  • Symbol information for your rules (both parsers and lexers) and listing of all symbols in a file.
  • Support for built-in symbols (like EOF, DEFAULT etc.)
  • Support for virtual and fragment tokens.
  • Navigation support (ctrl/cmd + click) and browsing support.
  • Automatically loads referenced grammars (via import or tokenVocab) as long as all grammars reside in the same folder.

For those interested in the source code you can find Sam's  ANTLR4 Typescript runtime, my antlr-graps Node.JS module and my vscode-antlr4 extension on Github. Please provide feedback e.g. via the vscode market place comment and voting functions. Enjoy!