ANTLR4 extension for vscode 2.0.0

The extension makes a larger jump in the version because it has now reached a pretty stable and mature state. The formerly separate backend (antlr4-graps) is now direct part of the extension and a rename provider has been added. With that most of the work is done and the extension goes into maintenance mode.

antlr4-graps 1.3.12 and antlr4-vscode 1.2.5 released

After a few month since the last updates there are now new releases of the Node.js module and the vscode extension with some cool new features. antlr4-graps now can generated sentences from your grammar, that is, random input that always parses and shows the language your grammar supports. This can be used for demonstration purposes, checks against other parser implementations or just to see if your grammar does the right thing. Another new feature is the grammar formatter, which supports a large number of options and comes with a powerful alignment implementation. The antlr4-vscode extension makes all that available in Visual Studio code (see also the vscode market place).

antlr4 3

NodeJS module antlr4-graps 1.3.5 released

A new release of the ANTLR4 grammar parsing service (antlr4-graps) NodeJS module has been published. Besides some bug fixing a big new feature was added: ATN graphs. This is something especially useful for core ANTLR4 developers (target writers or those working directly on ANTLR4) as it generates data about the internal ATN that can be visualized for a better understanding about it's structure (see also the ANTLR4 grammar support extension in vscode for such a visualization).

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